These beautiful heads of lettuce are grown to a size of 6”- 8”inches in diameter and make excellent personal salads.  Harvested and delivered live, with the root ball still attached,these lettuces have a delicate appearance but are extremely hardy and will live for 2-3 weeks if kept hydrated. The same excellent flavor profile of a large head of lettuce, but seeds have been selectively bred to reach maturity as a small head of lettuce.

Petite Heirloom Lettuce Collection

    • Product is sold by the case only. 
    • Cases are packaged and sold mixed.
    • Cases are plastic crates that require a deposit. 
    • Chef also has the option of avoiding deposit if case is transferred to hotel pan.
    • Custom cases can be made only if ordered through your Account Representative.
    • Quantity 32/case
    • Price $24.00/ case
    • Case deposit - $10.00

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